Increase Your Comprehension With:

Chinese characters

Chinese pinyin pronunciation

Detailed translational diagramming of the English translation

Explanatory notes throughout

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Laura Blodgett

 Vesta Huang

About the Authors

 Vesta Huang is a native Mandarin Chinese speaker who grew up in Taiwan. She learned some English in school there, but also taught herself some by learning Carpenter's songs as a teenager. She came to the United States to go to college and found she didn't understand English well enough, so had to study twice as hard, often reading all of her textbooks out loud to increase both her learning of the subject and her comprehension of English. After spending most of her adult life back in Taiwan raising her children, she moved to Idaho.

Laura Blodgett went to live in Taiwan in 2008 when her husband's job took him abroad for a few months. She was thrilled to have the opportunity to begin learning Chinese, as learning a second language well has been a life long dream. Now she studies with Vesta in while back home in Idaho.