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What is Your Life Philosophy 你的人生哲學是什麼?

My Chinese tutor and I got a bit philosophical last week. It began when we were discussing vocabulary that had to do with having enough time. (Look for this in a future post). She taught me the idiom in the second sentence, then asked me this question:   你的人生哲學是什麼? (你的)(人生)(哲學)(是)(什麼) (ㄋㄧˇ ㄉㄜ˙)(ㄖㄣˊ ㄕㄥ)(ㄓㄜˊ ㄒㄩㄝˊ)(ㄕˋ)(ㄔㄣˊ ㄇㄜ˙) […]

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How to Know if You Are Confused 如何知道自己是否糊塗了 in Chinese

如何知道自己是否糊塗了 (如何)(知道)(自己)(是否)(糊塗)(了) (ru2 he2) (zhi1 dao4) (zi4 ji3) (shi4 fou3) (hu2 tu2) (le.) (how to) (to know) (oneself) (yes or no) (confused) (completed action) How to know if you are confused. My tutor has been teaching me about the word 搞 (gao3). It is a lot like the English word “get,” which is, in fact, […]

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Sing About the Mysterious Young Woman Ye Li Ya 唱關於神秘耶利亞女郎 in Chinese

唱關於神秘耶利亞女郎 (唱)(關於)(神秘)(耶利亞)(女郎) (chang4) (guan1 yu2) (shen2 mi4) (Ye1 Li4 Ya3) (nü3 lang2) (to sing) (about, pertaining to) (mysterious) (Ye Li Ya) (young woman) Sing about the mysterious young woman Ye Li Ya   My tutor found another song for me to learn. There is a translation of it after the video and vocabulary lists. The […]

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When It Is None of Your Business 什麼時候不關你的事 in Chinese

什麼時候不關你的事 (什麼時候)(不)(關)(你的)(事) (shen2 me. shi2 hou4) (bu4) (guan1) (ni3 de.) (shi4) (when) (not) (related to, concerning) (your) (affair, matter, business) When it is none of your business.   Busy bodies abound in every culture. 到處都會有人要告訴別人怎麼過生活。 (到處)(都)(會)(有)(人)(要)(告訴)(別人)(怎麼)(過)❶(生活)。 (dao4 chu4) (dou1) (hui4) (you3) (ren2) (yao4) (gao4 su4) (bie2 ren2) (zen3 me.) (guo4) (sheng1 huo2) (to arrive + […]

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Secret Chinese Vocabulary

I have to admit that I am playing around here. Since I have been able to set up a blog dedicated to my Chinese studies, I want to publish more posts that list vocabulary I am learning in conjunction with a theme. Since I recently posted the blog about How to Keep a Secret in Chinese, […]

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How to Keep a Secret 怎麼樣有自己的秘密 in Chinese

怎麼樣有自己的秘密 (怎麼樣)(有)(自己的)(秘密) (zen3 me. yang4) (you3) (zi4 ji4 de.) (mi4 mi4) (how to, in what way to) (have) (your own) (secret) People have a hard time sharing many things. 不過每個人都喜歡分享很好的秘密。 (不過)(每個人)(都)(喜歡)(分享)(很)(好的)(秘密)❶。 (bu2 guo4) (mei3 ge. ren2) (dou1)(xi3 huan1) (fen1 xiang3) (hen3) (hao3 de.) (mi4 mi4) (however) (every person) (all) (to like) (to share) (very) (good) […]

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How to Have a Baby 怎麼生孩子 in Chinese

Contrary to much science fiction literature, 每個人都是女人生的。 (每個)(人)(都)(是)[(女人)(生)(的)]❶。 (mei3 ge.) (ren2) (dou1) (shi4) [(nü3 ren2) (sheng1) (de.)] (every) (person) (all) (it/to be) [(woman) (to be born) (adjective marker)] Every person is born of a woman.   No one can do it by themselves. 一個女人得經由生產所以每個各人可以出生。 (一個)(女人)(得)(經由)(生產)(所以)(每個)(各)(人)(可以)(出生)❷。 (yi1 ge.) (nü3 ren2) (dei3) (jing1 you2) (sheng1 chan3) (suo3 […]

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