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How to Know if You Are Confused 如何知道自己是否糊塗了 in Chinese

如何知道自己是否糊塗了 (如何)(知道)(自己)(是否)(糊塗)(了) (ru2 he2) (zhi1 dao4) (zi4 ji3) (shi4 fou3) (hu2 tu2) (le.) (how to) (to know) (oneself) (yes or no) (confused) (completed action) How to know if you are confused. My tutor has been teaching me about the word 搞 (gao3). It is a lot like the English word “get,” which is, in fact, […]

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How to Treat a Cold 如何治療感冒 in Chinese

如何治療感冒 (如何)(治療)(感冒) (ru2 he2) (zhi4 liao2) (gan3 mao4) (how) (to treat) (to feel + to be exposed to = common cold)     I tried to ignore it. 可惜這個感冒病毒我不能無視它的存在。 (可惜)(這個)(感冒)(病毒)(我)(不)(能)(無視)(它的)(存在)。 (ke3 xi1) (zhe4 ge.) (gan3 mao4) (bing4 du2) (wo3) (bu4) (neng2) (wu2 shi4) (ta1 de.) (cun2 zai4) (it is a pity, unfortunately) (this + measure […]

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