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Chinese Breakfast Vocabulary

This is vocabulary that came up while we were discussing breakfast recently, which I used to write the blog about Deciding What to Eat for Breakfast. To help me practice listening and repeating, my tutor recorded it.   吃過早餐了嗎?(chi1 guo4) (zao3 can1) (le.) (ma.) Have you eaten breakfast? 吃過早飯了嗎?(chi1 gou4) (zao3 fan4) (le.) (ma.) Have […]

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Deciding What to Eat for Breakfast 決定早餐吃什麼 in Chinese

決定早餐吃什麼 (決定)(早餐)(吃)(什麼) (jue2 ding4) (zao3 can1) (chi1) (shen2 me.) (to decide) (breakfast) (to eat) (what) Deciding what to eat for breakfast.   My tutor often asks me, 吃過早餐了嗎? (吃)(過)❶(早餐)(了)(嗎) (chi1) (guo4) (zao3 can1) (le.) (ma.) (to eat) (indicates something has passed or happened) (early meal) (expletive emphasizing completion of action) (question sound) Have you eaten […]

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Homemade Cookies 自己做餅乾 in Chinese

  自己做餅乾 (自己)(做)(餅乾) (zi4 ji3) (zuo4) (bing3 gan1) (self, one’s self) (to make) (cookie) Homemade cookies   I eat a lot of cookies. 我們住在台灣的時候,烤很多餅乾。 (我們)(住)(在)(台灣)(的時候)❶,(烤)❷(很)(多)(餅乾) (wo3 men.) (zhu4) (zai4) (tai2 wan1) (de. shi2 hou4), (kao3) (hen3) (duo1) (bing3 gan1) (we) (to live) (at) (Taiwan) (when), (to bake or roast) (very) (many) (cookie) When we lived […]

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Practice Speaking Chinese at the Chocolate Store

在巧克力店裡練習說中文 (在)(巧克力)(店)(裡)(練習)(說)(中文) (zai4) (qiao3 ke4 li4) (dian4) (li3) (lian4 xi2) (shuo1) (zhong1 wen2) (at) (chocolate) (store) (in) (practice) (to speak) (Chinese language) Practice Speaking Chinese at the Chocolate Store     It can be scary, but it is a good habit to get into. 如果你要學會說中文,你就得跟許多人練習說。 (如果)(你)(要)(學會)❶(說)(中文),(你)(就)(得)(跟)(許多)(人)(練習)(說)。 (ru2 guo3) (ni3) (yao4) (xue2 hui4) (shuo1) (zhong1 wen2) […]

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Eat a Midnight Snack 吃宵夜 in Chinese

  [If you sign up for my Fun Learning Chinese newsletter, you will get access to my private resource page which included printable pdf’s of lessons and audio recordings of my Fun Learning Chinese books!] 吃宵夜 (吃)(宵夜) (ㄔ)(ㄒㄧㄠ ㄧㄝˋ) (chī)(xiāo yè) (to eat) (midnight snack)❾ Eat a midnight snack.     First, some vocabulary that […]

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How to Make a Fruit Smoothie 怎麼做水果奶昔 in Chinese

    怎麼做水果奶昔 (怎麼)(做)(水果奶昔) (zen3 me.) (zuo4) (shui3 guo3 nai3 xi2) (how) (to make) (fruit milkshake) How to make a fruit smoothie.❶     It is the perfect summer lunch. 你只要一些水果,足夠的液體,和一點冰塊。 (你)(只)(要)(一些)(水果)❷,(足夠的)❸(液體),(和)(一點)(冰塊)。 (ni3) (zhi3) (yao4) (yi1 xie1) (shui3 guo3), (zu2 gou4 de.) (yi4 ti3), (han4) (yi1 dian3) (bing1 kuai4) (you) (only) (to need) (some) (fruit), […]

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How to Stir Fry 怎麼炒 in Chinese

Most Americans have eaten “chow mein” before. 我是年輕人的時候我也吃炒麵。 (我)(是)(年輕)(人)(的時候)❸(我)(也)(吃)(炒)(麵)。 (wo3) (shi4) (nian2 qing1) (de. shi2 hou4) (wo3) (ye3) (chi1) (chao3) (mian4) (I) (to be) (young/youthful) (person) (when) (I) (also) (to eat) (stir fry) (noodle) When I was a young person, I also ate chow mein.   But Americans apparently pronounce it with an Italian accent, […]

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How to Wash the Dishes 怎麼洗碗盤 in Chinese

It happens every day 大家吃飯, 然後我要洗很多碗盤。 (大家)(吃飯), (然後)(我)(要)(洗)(很多)(碗盤)。 (da4 jia1) (chi1 fan4), (ran2 hou4) (wo3) (yao4) (xi3) (hen3 duo1) (wan3 pan2) (whole family) (to eat), (then) (I) (must) (to wash) (very many) (dishes) The whole family eats, then I must wash many dishes.   They don’t eat just once a day, either. 從早到晚,他們吃很多東西。 (從)(早)(到)(晚),(他們)(吃)(很多)(東西)❶。 (cong2) […]

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I Want to Buy Wheat Flour to Make Bread 我要買麵粉做麵包 in Chinese

  It can be the things you take for granted that 關於另外的語言怎麼教妳重要的東西。 (關於)(另外的)❶(語言)(怎麼)(教)(妳)(重要的)(東西)。 (guan1 yu2) (ling4 wai4 de.) (yu3 yan2) (zen3 me.) (jiao1) (ni3) (zhong1 yao4 de.) (dong1 xi1) (concerning, with regard to) (other) (language) (how, what) (to teach) (you) (important) (things) teach you important things regarding another language   For me, 試試看買材料讓我做麵包又有趣又好玩。 (試試看)(買)(材料)(讓)(我)(做)(麵包)(又有趣又好玩)❷。 (shi4 […]

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