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The To Do of 幹 (gan4) Versus 做 (zuo4) and Avoiding Harsh Swearing in Chinese

One of the worst nightmares in speaking a foreign language is saying something really embarrassing. Tones are the typical reason this happens to non-native Chinese speakers. You can’t really fault the native speakers for giggling if you call your mother 媽媽(ma1 ma.) a horse 馬 (ma3) accidentally. There is some consolation in it being a […]

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Chinese Shopping Vocabulary

Shopping vocabulary is something that helped me practice speaking Chinese because when we lived in Taiwan for a few months, most people I came across while shopping did not speak any intelligible English. I recall being told by another American business man’s wife that the most useful shopping words I would learn would be: 不要 […]

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How to Treat a Cold 如何治療感冒 in Chinese

如何治療感冒 (如何)(治療)(感冒) (ru2 he2) (zhi4 liao2) (gan3 mao4) (how) (to treat) (to feel + to be exposed to = common cold)     I tried to ignore it. 可惜這個感冒病毒我不能無視它的存在。 (可惜)(這個)(感冒)(病毒)(我)(不)(能)(無視)(它的)(存在)。 (ke3 xi1) (zhe4 ge.) (gan3 mao4) (bing4 du2) (wo3) (bu4) (neng2) (wu2 shi4) (ta1 de.) (cun2 zai4) (it is a pity, unfortunately) (this + measure […]

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How to Take a Nap 如何小睡 in Chinese

如何小睡 (如何)❶(小睡) (ru2 he2) (xiao3 shui4) (how to deal with) (small sleep) How to take a nap.   Here is a common blessing in any language: 祝你健康快樂! (祝)(你)(健康)(快樂)! (zhu4) (ni3) (jian4 kang1) (kuai4 le4) (to wish) (you) (health) (happy, joy) Wishing you health and happiness!   There are ways a person can increase their chances […]

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