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How to Catch a Mouse 怎麼捕捉老鼠 in Chinese

怎麼捕捉老鼠 (怎麼)(捕捉)❶(老鼠) (zen3 me.) (bu3 zhuo1) (lao3 shu3) (how) (to catch) (mouse or rat) How To Catch a Mouse   I have a big problem. 很多的老鼠侵略我的雞舍 [(很)(多)(的)] (老鼠) (侵略)❷ (我的) (雞舍)❸ [(hen3)(duo1)(de.)] (lao3 shu3) (qin1 lue4) (wo3 de.) (ji1 she4) [(very) (many) (adjective marker)] (mouse) (invade) (my) (chicken coop) Many mice have invaded my chicken […]

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How My Chickens Help Me Learn Opposites in Chinese

I have front yard and back yard chickens. 我一邊跟牠❶們玩一邊得做苦工。 (我)(一邊)❷(跟)(牠們)(玩)(一邊)(得)(做)(苦工)。 (wo3) (yi1 bian4) (gen1) (ta1 men.) (wan2) (yi1 bian4) (dei3) (zuo4) (ku3 gong1) (I) (one side) (with) (them) (to play with/to find pleasure in) (one side) (must) (to work/to do) (hard labor) They are both fun and lots of work.   They are not pets […]

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