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Secret Chinese Vocabulary

I have to admit that I am playing around here. Since I have been able to set up a blog dedicated to my Chinese studies, I want to publish more posts that list vocabulary I am learning in conjunction with a theme. Since I recently posted the blog about How to Keep a Secret in Chinese, it seemed just as well to write a post giving vocabulary associated with it. Some of the vocabulary below is used in the How to Keep a Secret post and some is not. And the title was just too fun to pass up. So, here it goes. Secret Chinese vocabulary (there is an audio below to listen to):


Secret Chinese Vocabulary




mi4 mi4







(ni3) (gao3) (shen2 me.) (gui4)?

(you in male or gender neutral character) (to stir up, to cause trouble) (what) (spirit, tricky ghost)

What are you up to?




(wo3) (you3) (yi1 ge.) (mi4 mi4)

(I) (to have) (one) (secret)

I have a secret.




(shuo1) (ba.) ! (shen2 me.) (shi4 qing2) (wo3) (xiang3) (zhi1 dao4)

(to say, to speak) (suggestion sound)! (what) (affair, matter) (I) (to want [in a less demanding tone than yao4 要], to think) (to know)

Tell me! I want to know what is going on.




(gan3 kuai4) (shuo1) (ba.)!

(quickly, at once) (to speak) (suggestion sound)

Oh, do tell me quickly!


趕快, 趕快!快來不及了!


(gan3 kuai4), (gan3 kuai4)! (kuai4) (lai2 bu4 ji2 le.)

(quickly), (quickly)! (fast, hurry up) (unable to make it on time)

Hurry, hurry! Faster, we are going to be late!


什麼事情? 說 吧!

(什麼)(事情)? (說)(吧)!

(shen2 me.) (shi4 qing2)? (shuo1) (ba.)

(what) (affair, matter) ? (to speak, to tell) (suggestion word)

What is happening? Tell me!




(rang4) (wo3) (zhi1 dao4)

(to make, to allow) (me) (to know)

Let me know.




(ni3) (jin1 tian1) (you3) (shen2 me.) (shi4 qing2)

(you in feminine character) (today) (to have) (what) (affair, matter)

What do you have to do today?




[(tou1 tou1) (mo1 mo1)]

[(stealthily, covertly) (to feel lightly, to grope)]

sneaky, mysteriously




(wo3 de.) (zui3 ba1) (hen3 jin3). (wo3 de.) (kou3 feng1) (hen3 jin3)

(my) (mouth) (very + tight, secure, close = sealed). (my) (mouth + wind = breath, voice) (sealed)

My lips are sealed.




(wo3) (ru2 guo3) (da1 ying4) (ni3) (wo3) (jiu4) (bu2) (hui4) (gao4 su4) (bie2) (ren2)

(I) (if) (promise, agree) (you) (I) (exactly) (not) (will) (to tell) (other) (person)

If I promise you, I absolutely will not tell another person.




(ni3) (fang4 xin1), (wo3) (bu2 hui4) (gao4 su4) (bie2 ren2)

(you) (relax heart), (I) (will not) (tell) (other person)

Put your mind at ease, I will not tell anyone.




(wo3) (da1 ying4) (ren2 jia1) (wo3) (jiu4) (yi1 ding4) (zuo4 dao4)

(I) (agree, promise) (someone) (I) (exactly) (certainly) (do it)

If I promise someone something, I will certainly do it.




(ni3) (bu2 yao4) (ta1) (xiang3) (ni3) (zhen1 de.) (shi4) [(ai4)(gao3)(shen2 mi4) (de)] (ren2)

(you) (not want) (him) (to think) (you) (really) (to be, are)  [(love)(to stir up) (mystery)(adjective marker)] (person)

You don’t want him to think you are the kind of person who likes to do things mysteriously.




(ni3 men.) (zai4) (gao3) (shen2 me.) (gui4) (a.)

(you plural) (“-ing” suffix for following word) (to stir up) (what) (ghost) (exclamation sound)

What trouble are you causing!?




(ta1) (shi4) [(dao3) (dan4) (gui4)] . (ta1) (shi4) (yi1 ge.) (dao3 dan4 gui4).

(he) (to be, is) [(chopping) (egg) (ghost) = bit of a troublemaker]. (he) (is) (a) (bit of a troublemaker)

He can be a troublemaker.


我要很鎮靜, 裝做若無其事。


(wo3) (yao4) (hen3) (zhen4 jing4), (zhuang1) (zuo4) (ruo4 wu2 qi2 shi4)

(I) (to want) (very) (self-composed, calm), (to pretend) (to do) [(supposing)+(not)+(this, that)+(affair, business) = (as if nothing had happened)]

I want to act cool and calm, as if nothing has or is happening.

(The second time the sentence is read, 現在 (xian4 zai4) “now” is added at the beginning.)



(di2 que4)

(really, sure, certainly)


If you have particular questions, please ask. My tutor and I would be very willing to discuss them. She will answer them and I will learn even more!