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My Current Language Instructor

Iris and I

I know her as Iris.  I’m late in introducing her.  My original instructor had some changes in his graduate school schedule that conflicted with our lessons.  We were sad to see him go.  That was near the end of September.

Iris has proven herself to be a very good teacher and well able to fill the void that Wayne left.  Besides being personable and fun, she is patient and adept at fitting in vocabulary specific to our interests.   She is 29 years old and has a master’s degree in English literature.  This picture was taken at her request with her camera and she sent me a copy.  I’m actually slouching a little so that I won’t tower over her.  At her initiation, we are also exchanging kindergarden pictures and comparing chubby cheeks.

She is also Jesse’s teacher.  She speaks better English than many Americans.  The beautiful bouquet of lilies pictured at the beginning of “Post-Op Perspective” are from her.  After noticing a sewing project of mine, she indicated an interest in learning to sew.  I’ve begun by teaching her a few things about fabrics and how to choose an appropriate beginner’s project.  She has never had anything to do with sewing before, so is having to learn what resources are in Taipei for her.  The plan is for her to use my machine.  We’ll see, however, if it really happens.  She also recently began studying Japanese!