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Chinese Measure Word Song

My Chinese tutor is teaching me some more measure words and I told her I would put them into a song for part of my homework.  It was fun, but we’ll have to see what she says about the pronunciation.  Meanwhile, here it is!

Chinese MW Song

一陣風吹     yi2 zhen4 feng1 chui1

兩片葉子     liang 3 pian4 ye4 zi.

三架飛機     san1 jia4 fei1 ji1

四條金魚     si4 tiao2 jin1 yu2

五張椅子     wu3 zhang1 yi3 zi.

六把雨傘     liu4 ba3 yu3 san3

七根香蕉     qi1 gen1 xiang1 jiao1

八件衣服     ba1 jian4 yi1 fu2

九棵松樹     jiu3 ke1 song1 shu4

十朵玫瑰     shi2 duo3 mei2 gui1

(我唱首歌)wo3 chang4 shou3 ge1



And the translation (lest any of you be overly impressed).  It is just a list; there is no deeper meaning:

one wind blows

two leaves

three airplanes

four gold fish

five chairs

six umbrellas

seven bananas

eight garments

nine pine trees

ten roses

(I sing a song)