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Why I Let the Crocodile Eat Me in Chinese - Fun Tricks to Learn Sentence Structure

Just like crisis can bring deeper bond to relationships, conversing about intense, real life situations can aid in the learning of a new language. While text books and formatted study programs can become dry, there is something about discussing personal adventures that seems to stimulate absurd sentences and aid the memory in unique ways. Take […]

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Learning to Translate a Chinese Newspaper with a Highlighter and KTdict Chinese – English Translator App

  To keep my interest while learning Chinese, there has to be a balance between enough repetition that I can tell I’m making progress, but also enough variety that it stays interesting. I added variety to my studies last week when I picked up a Chinese language newspaper (link to the article I used) at […]

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In Search of the Olive Tree

As I have become exposed to different cultures during my life, I have gained understanding of how my culture influences me.  More importantly, I have gained insight into how some people confuse culture with truth and attempt to be dogmatic about things that can legitimately have variation.  And yet, I have also seen that there […]

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Chinese Measure Word Song

My Chinese tutor is teaching me some more measure words and I told her I would put them into a song for part of my homework.  It was fun, but we’ll have to see what she says about the pronunciation.  Meanwhile, here it is! Chinese MW Song 一陣風吹     yi2 zhen4 feng1 chui1 兩片葉子     liang 3 […]

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Our Mandarin Instructors

We had our second lessons today.  The instructors are very nice, knowledgeable, patient, and fun.  Their English names are Emily and Wayne.  We each get one and a half hours of tutoring Wednesdays and Fridays.  Wayne teaches Jesse and I.  Emily teaches Carlie, Natalie, and Greg.  Each session is very verbal and interactive.  I will […]

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