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Sing About the Mysterious Young Woman Ye Li Ya 唱關於神秘耶利亞女郎 in Chinese

唱關於神秘耶利亞女郎 (唱)(關於)(神秘)(耶利亞)(女郎) (chang4) (guan1 yu2) (shen2 mi4) (Ye1 Li4 Ya3) (nü3 lang2) (to sing) (about, pertaining to) (mysterious) (Ye Li Ya) (young woman) Sing about the mysterious young woman Ye Li Ya   My tutor found another song for me to learn. There is a translation of it after the video and vocabulary lists. The […]

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How I Began to 唱快樂的光腳丫歌 Sing the Happy Barefoot Song in Chinese

  When you are reciting 一閃一閃小星星 (一閃一閃)❶ (小) (星星) (yi1 shan3 yi1 shan3) (xiao3) (xing1 xing1) (one flash, one flash) (little) (star) Twinkle, twinkle little star (you can find that song in Chinese here.)   Silently in your head while running, 有時候你意外地聯想起新的詞句。 (有時候)(你)[(意外)(地)](聯想起)[(新)(的)](詞句)。 (you3 shi2 hou4) (ni3) [(yi4 wai4) (de.)] (lian2 xiang3 qi2) [(xin1) (de.)] […]

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In Search of the Olive Tree

As I have become exposed to different cultures during my life, I have gained understanding of how my culture influences me.  More importantly, I have gained insight into how some people confuse culture with truth and attempt to be dogmatic about things that can legitimately have variation.  And yet, I have also seen that there […]

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Chinese Measure Word Song

My Chinese tutor is teaching me some more measure words and I told her I would put them into a song for part of my homework.  It was fun, but we’ll have to see what she says about the pronunciation.  Meanwhile, here it is! Chinese MW Song 一陣風吹     yi2 zhen4 feng1 chui1 兩片葉子     liang 3 […]

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