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Introducing the Fun Learning Chinese Blog

I have been having a lot of fun learning Chinese! I previously have been blogging about it over at now all of the blogs about learning Chinese have been moved over here and all future Chinese blogs will be added HERE, to THIS website! (The site will still be there, but focusing […]

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Learning to Translate a Chinese Newspaper with a Highlighter and KTdict Chinese – English Translator App

  To keep my interest while learning Chinese, there has to be a balance between enough repetition that I can tell I’m making progress, but also enough variety that it stays interesting. I added variety to my studies last week when I picked up a Chinese language newspaper (link to the article I used) at […]

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Developing Translation Techniques to Study Mandarin Chinese

For me, learning to understand Mandarin Chinese (hereafter simply referred to as “Chinese.”) means developing translation techniques. This helps me study the language by providing a framework of comprehension. The challenge is that Chinese writing is not phonetic and that there are few visual clues in the writing to inform about word division. It often […]

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