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Chinese Music Video Makes Intense Homework -因為你全然的愛我 Because You Completely Love Me

Last week I wrote about how I rewrote (in Chinese) a popular Chinese song into something I could relate to more. This week, I’m posting a music video of it. But it is hard to sing in a language I’m not fluent in! Anyway, I captioned the Chinese characters on it, too, which was more good review, although I was limited with how smoothly I could do it with the slideshow. Also, the first line somehow got deleted and I didn’t notice before I processed it. However, you can always check the lyrics on last week‘s blog. Except that I did change the last line of the chorus to reflect the 3rd line. Author’s prerogative?

I played the flute to somewhat mirror the background music I heard on the Chinese version, but it’s all by ear and just what I could do in one day.  Then, I ad libbed around that. I just wasn’t happy with it only being vocal and I don’t play the piano or guitar.  🙂  Anyway, I had fun and maybe it will give some other language students some fun ideas for music video projects.

My Chinese tutor wants me to record the English version, too, so I’ll probably do that, but can’t decide how many of the same slides I should use. I should be able to get some video for it, though, which will make it different than this one.